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Save Time & Money with our Trenchless Pipe Restoration System!
The Nu Flow Process:  
•  First, we use our sewer camera to reveal blocked, breached or root intruded pipe sections.
•  Second, the pipe is cleaned, resurfaced and all debris is removed using a Scorpion Cutting Tool.
•  Next, a CIPP liner is pulled into place and a bladder is inflated.
•  Lastly, once curing has completed, we remove the bladder and leave behind a structural "pipe within a pipe."
Problem Solved!

No Digging:
Trenchless repair means your floors, yard, trees, deck, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots are left untouched! Less time, less mess, less money!

Experienced Installation:
Our Jet Tec installers have the proper training and experience to get your job right. Our advanced systems can handle the most difficult of repairs - even large vertical pipes and multiple bends.

Permanent Solution:
By creating a pipe inside of a pipe, our process ends hard scale build-up and root intrusion - permanently!

Check out the videos below to see exactly how our No-Dig, Trenchless, Nu Flow Technology can help you.





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